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Adding Your Posting

To add an entry to GenSource's Common Threads Surname database, please complete the following form and click on "Submit" below.

Submitted names will be added to Common Threads at our earliest convenience. As always, we reserve the right to reject submissions based upon the appropriateness of their content.


The goal of Common Threads is to help each of us get beyond the "dead ends" we all encounter in our research by connecting with others who are researching the same line. The intent of Common Threads is not to have everyone enter all the names in their family. The idea is to enter the name of the person in your line that you can't find enough information on, in hopes that there is someone else out there researching the same family line who will find your entry in Common Threads and e-mail you to exchange information. In summary, simply enter the information on an ancestor for which you are seeking information. For example, if your research has stopped at John Snyder and you can't find his father, enter all the information you have on John.

Sample of display database entries;

  1. LEIGHLITER, Jacob b.1788 m.1830 r. Fayette Co., PA sp. Williams, Martha notes: child David Williams Campbell (1832-1912)
  2. MURRAY, Samuel r. Fayette Co., PA sp: Eve notes: child Josiah S. 1830-1912 m. Elizabeth Prinkey
  3. PRINKEY notes: Any one searching the PRINKEY surname, many in PA
  4. SNYDER, John b.1797 d. 1864 bp. PA dp. Fayette Co., PA m. 1816 sp. Lamb, Catherine

Complete the form below with the information you have about the individual. Please note that your email address will be included in the listing. If you do not want your e-mail address listed, then please do not post an entry!

Surname: Please enter only one spelling of the surname. Additional variations of the surname spelling may be included in the "notes".

Year: You may use the following abbreviations; abt (about), aft (after), bef (before)

Notes: Enter additional spellings of surname, children's names, or other information that helps to identify the individual.

ENTER only SURNAMES in all caps.

Please read the Instructions above before adding your entry.

We also reserve to reject or edit any entry for any reason.


The information contained on this site is submitted by individual genealogists, and we cannot guarantee accuracy. This site is offered as a free resource to online genealogists; commercial use of the included information, data, or e-mail's is prohibited. Copyright 2003-1996, Deb Kinneer and GenSource Group. Privacy Policy.