The Common Thread site includes the following pages:

Common Threads Home Page

Search our surname database. This search is limited to surnames. Options are available to search by the soundex of the surname, and/or to include a date limit with your search criteria. As soon as new entries are reviewed for correct e-mail addresses they are available in the search database. We normally process additions and updates to entries daily.

Advanced Search

This search will look at all of the elements in the surname entries for a match. This is helpful when searching for a first name and a location. The disadvantage of this search is that the 'index' is only updated every week or two. At this time, it is necessary to reindex the complete database to include new information, a time consuming process.

Add Name

If you would like to include information about your ancestors, use add name to enter your ancestor into the database. An e-mail is automatically sent when you process your entry. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check the Bad E-Mail Bin.

Update Entry

If you would like to edit your existing entry (including your e-mail address), then select update entry. You may select your entries for editing by entering your e-mail address or using the unique id# assigned to each entry.

Bad E-Mail Bin

When you submit or update and entry, an e-mail is automatically sent to you. If that e-mail was not deliverable, the request is held for 30 days. Use the bad e-mail bin to select your entry and correct the e-mail address. Some times the e-mail is undeliverable for reasons other than an incorrect e-mail address, for example your service was not accepting e-mails for some reason. In that case, just select your entry and resubmit it without changing the e-mail address.

What's CT

This page explains the intent of Common Threads.

Create a Link to CT

If you have a web site, you may include a link or a search box for Common Threads on your site. This page gives you the details on how you can add either a link or search box to your site.


Coming Soon -- Common Threads Statistics Page

This page will include the number of entries in the database, the number of Surnames included, the date when the database was last indexed, and when requests were last reviewed for bad e-mail addresses.