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If your confirmation e-mail (automatically sent when you requested an addition or update to Common Threads) is returned to us as not deliverable, we will place the entry in the Bad E-Mail Address Bin for 30 days. You can retrieve this entry below and make corrections.

(Note: Submissions are reviewed at least weekly, when bad e-mail addresses are noted and moved to this bin. Your entry will not appear in the bad e-mail address bin until your submission has been reviewed by the administrator.)


There are three ways you can retrieve your entry information to update the e-mail address. The first is to enter your e-mail address in the box below. You need only to enter the prefix of the e-mail address. All entries will appear on the subsequent screen, and you will be able to update those entries.

Enter the first few characters of your e-mail address here »
Then Click »

The second method is by the SURNAME of your entry. In case the typo on the e-mail address was at the beginning of the address, you can search by surname.

To update an entry, enter the surname in the provided box, then click on "Find" button below.

First few characters of the surname »
Then Click »

The third method is to list all of the entries in the Bad E-Mail Address Bin.



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