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Cabaniss : cabaniss genealogy    

Cabell : - genealogical association dedicated to the Cabell family.    

Cabinaw Family : Information and networking for the Cabinaw Family.    

Caccioppoli family records : Hundreds of Baptismal records for the name Caccioppoli, starting in 1599.    

Cadwallader Surname : Resource center for people interested in the Cadwallader surname to freely access, submit, inquire about information; offer assistance ;communicate through e-mail,databases,webpages,archives.    

Cadwell Family Tree : Descendants of Walter Cadwell b:1604 in Scotland.    

Caffery : Our Family History: Includes the follwing names: Caffery Crow Daniel(s) Eddy Evans Gallion Ke(i)lts(z) Masters Offen Pabis Williams and many more...    

Cain and Nix families :     

Cairncross : - contains letters, family trees, and information dating back to 1770.    

Calabrese : Database of Calabrese surnames. Parts of this web sites are accessible by members only. Try variations of the name when searching, or use surname range if unsure of the spelling.    

Calaman Genealogy & Patch Collecting : Searching for the origins of Calaman, Jumper, Heberlig, Skelly, Peffer, Durnin, Kegereis    

Calderon Ancestry : A site to research the Calderon family line.    

Caldreamerweb : genealogy page for researching and documenting family tree. I have a Prussian line going back to 1600.    

Caldwell Family Genealogy/Family History : We are trying to begin the process of bringing all the Caldwells together.    

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