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Davidson Family : Davidson family and other related surnames    

Dackombe / Terry / Polton :     

d'Adesky : Genealogie de la famille d'ADESKY - family genealogy from 1594    

Daggett Central : Descendants of John Daggett (Doggett) who arrived in America from England in 1630.    

Dahling Genealogy : Dahling, Oven, and Simanski Genealogy Site - Contains webGED: Progenitor databases for my extensive list of pedigree surnames.    

Dainter Genealogy : A family genealogy site concerned with all occurrences of the surname Dainter, which seems to originate from the Birmingham area of the UK.    

Daish : - also Dashe, Dash, and Daysh.    

Dale : Descendants of John Dale, born in England; d. Feb 1708 in Somerset Co., MD. Married Katherine Fletcher.    

Dalrymple : - database of the descendants of James Dalrymple (born 1761) of Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada.    

Dalton : - history, objectives, and entitlements of the Dalton Genealogical Society with an invitation to join world-wide members.    

Dameron / Damron :     

Dancy : History of the name and the early families in North America.    

Dancy : Community history and family page    

Daniel Lane Leonard :     

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