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Forney Redmon Piland : and more    

A Ancestry of Wilbur M Franklin : Family ancestry with hundreds of surnames. Franklin, Alexander, Winn, Harrison, Lafferty, Caho, Mead, Morris, Holtry, Wilkerson, Dean, Wilson, Hayden, Steele, Anderson, Lively, Taylor, Southward, Bowerman, Drury, Drake, Ethridge, Melton, Holloman and    

Barbara Farnham Genealogy Search : Barlow, Bartlett, Bourne, Brackin. Brewster, Brightman, Comstock, Crocker, Davis, Dryden, Farnham, Freeman, Godfrey, Gorham, Grosmont, Haberle, Halleck, Harding, Harrington, Hastings, Hildeman, Hill, House, Howland, Hull, Hutchinson, Lambert, L    

Dick Fox s Home Page : Includes links to many families including Fox, Bock, McMahan, Hager, Magee, Brite, Sims, Sherrill, Bruestedt, Franks, Gann, Gill, Holland, Loep, Dickey, Derrick, McCoy, Courts, Barnes.    

Fab s Family : Researching my ancestors in Italy and the Czech Republic. (Java required)    

Faed : - details of Faed artists, family tree, and more.    

Fahey : - also: Bailey, Barton, Beery, Berky, Brace, Bugher, Butter, Charles, Cornell, Hurd, Jewell, Jones, LeCount, Mosher, Reynolds, Scofield, Shelley, Stewart, and Sullivan.    

Fairbairn / Freistadt / Garvey : - including the surnames Löfström.    

Fairbanks : Descendants of William Fairbank.    

Fairchild : - genealogy, family news, events, member pages    

Fairchild Tree of Descendants : Descendants of Thomas Fairchild, born circa 1610; died 1670.    

Fairfield / Kynman : - family tree and links to other surname databases.     

Fairhall Home Page of Bruce Fairhall : A Genealogy resource, including an ever-growing Fairhall, Fairall (and associated) database and links.    

Faith s Genealogy Page : Includes the Schuylkill Co., PA surnames Kendrick, Feger, Bacon, Burkhart, Brenneman. German Genealogy Translation Service.    

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