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Asa Green Family History : Genealogy Green Family    

Familytree Gerrits, Veurink, Broekroelofs, Wolters : Familytree Gerrits, Veurink, Broekroelofs, Wolters    

Gaal / Gael :     

Gabbert / Giancola : - research includes the surnames: Balnek, Cheatham, Comstock, Covington, Fick, Finley, Hunt, Pack, Pohls, Prince, Vance, Welzmueller and several others.    

Gabbert and Allied Families : Genealogic research with an emphasis on Aldrich, Berry, Carter, Gabbert, Scott, and West    

Gable Family of the South : Compendium of descendants of John Gable of Saxe-Gotha District, SC, the immigrant ancestor of most Gables in the southern US    

Gaby Guri`s Genealogy Page : Researching : Zlotogura, Rubin, Kowadlo, Ser, Wersin, Eretz, Erdman, Tenenbaum, Koloditzky.    

Gadsby Family Genealogy : Gadsby family history includes several early New England lines    

Gage Family : Information on Telitha Clarissa Gage b:October 27, 2020, the daughter of William M. Gage and Clarissa Telitha Harris.    

Gage Genealogy : Genealogy of William Gage of Freetown, MA    

Gagg : A site dedicated to tracing the various Gagg families throughout the world. Features census records, photos, and family trees.    

Gagné / Dumontier :     

Gaillard : Descendants of Theodore Gaillard b: 1710, d: 1781.    

Gaines : - family tree back to 1500 s. Alternate spellings and other surnames include: Gasnier, Gagnier, Gagne, Gonyea, Marcroft, and Howard.    

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