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Descendants of La Familia Lopez : The Lopez Family of Three Rivers,Tx. Family news, genealogy, history, family tree, coat of arms, photos.    

Freeman Galloway Hightower Kerr : Almost 20 years of research has produced these results.    

La Liberte :     

La Liberte Genealogy Home Page : Genealogy information related to La Liberte and associated families. Forum to post messages.    

Labach : Descendants of James Mayer Labach b:1845 d:1919 m:Cornelia Esther Ryker.    

Labadie : Descendants of Pierre Descomptes Ditlabadie b:1702 m:Angelica Lacelle.    

Labey Family History Page : Genealogy of the Labey family of Jersey, Channel Islands.    

LaBonte : - dedicated to the family history.    

Lacey : Ancestors of Elton Lacey and Bonnie Brown    

Lacey : Listing of Lacey books for sale and online records.    

Lacina & Maier : - researching Lacina from Austria, and Maier from Silesia, Germany families.    

Lacombe Family International : Directory for Lacombes around the world and information for those with French ancestry.    

Lacombe's Homepage : Lacombe,Saint Marie,Lautrup,Christensen,Ariate,Alim Fami;ies from France,Denmark,Canada,US,Philippines    

LACY : The purpose is to publish the genealogy of the Lacy family in Georgia. The earliest Lacy ancestor is my 7th great-grandfather, Thomas Lacy, who immigrated to Virginia between 1680-1685.    

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