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O Brien Clan : Website was formed to promote the interests of all O Brien surname variations.    

O Brien Clan Foundation : Genealogy research for O Briens, including O Brians, O Bryen, Bryan, Bryen, Brian, Brien, and Briens.    

O Briens Search : Genealogy of Michael O Briens and wife Mary Higgins who came to Canada in 1838 from Ireland because of their rebellion toward English rule. He entered the United States to Maine in 1880.    

O Connor : - family research and genealogy links.    

O Dea : - also spelled: O Day, Dee, or Day, includes family history, current news, and genealogical queries.    

O Flaherty : - for history, genealogical questions, and contacts with other familiy members.    

O Flaherty Genealogical Project : A living web site dedicated to mapping the ancestry of O Flaherty families from around the globe.    

O Hearn : - dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information from people around the globe searching the surname O Hearn.    

O Keeffe : - with the family tree of Georgia O Keeffe.    

O Kelley : Surnames: O Kelley, O Kelly, Kelly, Kelley. Descendants of Thomas O Kelley.    

O Kelly : - research your Irish roots and discover Irish genealogical links.    

O Malley Clan Association : Official web site of the O Malley Clan Association. Includes O Malley history and a special section on 16th Century Sea Queen Granuaile (Grace) O Malley.    

O Neal : - other surnames include: Carden, Cockriel, Ensor, Foy, Goodling, Isbelle, Moore, Paysinger, and Wheeler.    

O Roughan : - O Ruadhain, Roan, Roughan, Rowan, Ruane genealogy, family history, pedigree and surname history.    

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