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Quackenbush : - includes: Allen, Williams, Hart, Pettibone, VanVolkenburgh, Harnden, Richmond, Hodges, Munro, Hubble, Woodbeck and Ellis.    

Quackenbush geneology : Complete Quackenbush and related families geneology contains: Family shield and surname list    

Quap-Conroy Family Genealogy : Links to the Quap and Conroy Family Lines    

Quarles : see my Quarles line, browse through my family photos, links, 1860/1870 Tennessee census, Tennesse Confederate pension     

Quarterman Family History Project : The Liberty County, Georgia Quartermans, whose earliest known Quarterman ancestor appeared in South Carolina in 1695 and is presumed to have come from Oxfordshire.    

Queen / Halpain : - descendency from William Queen born abt 1810 North Carolina, and from John Halpain born abt 1824 Virginia.    

Quesenberry : The Quesenberry Family of Lake of the Woods. Herman von Questenberg.    

Quicksall : - includes family history beginning in the 1680s and more.    

Quider: Descendants of William Quider : A geneology report which includes 8 generations of Quiders    

Quillen Ancestral Archive : Family History Archive for Quillen, Quillan, Quillian families around the world.    

Quillen and MacQuillan : Research into MacQuillan and Quillen geneaology    

Quin Family : Descendants of Levin Quinn b:abt 1814 Maryland, m:abt. 1850 Pike CO, MS, Sarah Goring?    

Quine : Thomas Quine (Ballafargher, Isle of Man)(wed Margaret Creer 1744). Boynton family genealogy for 34 generations starting with Torchill before 1067 and settling in Rowley, Massachusetts USA in 1638.    

Quine : - 10 generations of Quines from the Isle of Man to the United States.    

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