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David and Marilyn Sullivan s Family Tree : David and Marilyn Sullivan s Family Tree. Genealogy home page. Also have a smile at some classic classroom gems.    

Genealogy of Brian J. Smith : Smith, with information on Staebell, Mesker, Voegele families too, in New York, Buffalo, Lancaster and Niagara Falls. Origins in Alsace, France and Stundwiller, Soufflenheim, Oberroedern.    

Generational Links to the Past: The Spalding and Dawson Family of Maryland and Kentucky : Spalding and Dawson, two colonial families of the western and eastern shores of Maryland are traced back to their 17th Century roots.     

Mark Scott Genealogy : Information on the Scott surname and allied families, including Shrimpton, Sargeant, Page, Phillips, and Doo.    

Sackis / Keller : - includes Ketchums, Schlobohm, Springers, Gienapps and McMonigals.    

Saeger / Evans : - family genealogy.    

SAFFORD : Ancestors of Philip Safford a drummer in French & Indian War, hero of Westminister Vt Massacre & Lieutnant in Rev. War     

Safier : Marcel Safier s Ozemail Home Page - Chaim Safier m. (1) Malka Unknown, m. (2) Eve (Chaya) Unknown. Chaim died c. 1938, Poland.    

Salars family genealogical center : The Salars/Roberts/Boyle/Hartshorne Families    

Salmon / Stephenson / Baker : - anecdotes, data and photos concerning the families.    

Salmon Family Genealogy : Researching: Salmon, Burnett, Mason, Carwile, Hudson, Sowell and Sprouse.    

Salvage Family Home Page : Somerset family tree of Salvage with lots of information to share    

Sammon : - includes family tree, pictures, and searchable database.    

Sampson Triplets from England : This is a work-in-progress and a labor of love. It is also a responsibility acquired when I inherited boxes containing family notes and pictures.    

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