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A Taylor Family Homepage: History and Memory : Poster/photo of Senator Robert Love Taylor of Tennessee; family memorabilia compiled by a great-great nephew of Oklahoma and Pennsylvania; Fiddle and Bow; Wisemans of Arkansas.    

Clan Turner : Information on the Turner Clan.    

David Turner Mormon Pioneer : Turner genealogy with beginnings in Pudsey, Yorkshire, England.    

Mountain Roots : The Turner & Eldridge Family in southeastern Kentucky.    

Tabb : Descendants of Humphrey Tabb, born 1609 Somerset, England.    

Tackett Family : Descendants of Lewis Tackitt, b:1770 d:1850.    

Taff, Ratcliff, Post, Lytle : Surnames that I am researching. All have Missouri ties.    

Taillon / Tyo :     

Tait : Genealogy research on the surname of Tait and Tate. Includes Census, Marriage, Family Trees, Tate and Allied Families of the South index.    

Tait Family Tree : Mainly Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland    

Talbert Family of West Virginia : Descendants of Arthur Berry Talbert, b:May 15, 2020, d:July 17, 2020. : Family site - genealogy for Talbot and Dixon branches, (NZ, UK lines) notice boards, memoirs and family locales.    

Taliaferro Genealogy : The historic Taliaferro Family: three centuries in America; information from 1066 to present.    

Taliaferro Times newsletter : Valuable data, resources, queries and misc. information of interest to those researching the surname Taliaferro/Toliver and related families.    

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