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The Vosseteig Homepage : A contact point for all Vosseteigs around the world. Sign the guestbook, or join a discussion.    

Valente : Family History of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo, of Gambatesa, Italy, and their Ancestors back to 1690.    

Valerio :     

Valerio s Genealogy Home Page : Genealogy of the Valerio, Pontiero, Coia, Fraioli, DIiMeo, Di Cicco, Marcuccilli, Verrecchia families.    

Vallely Genealogy : The official Vallely Genealogy Page with links, photos and contact information.    

Vallet Genealogy : History of Mathieu Vallet, the Chemist and Balloonist who made several balloon ascents over Paris, France in 1785. Genealogy, births, and marriages of his descendants.    

Van der Valk : Researching family names including; Duijf, Dijkman, van Ossenbruggen, Gulien, Pfaltzgraff, Broekhoff.    

Van Der Veer Name : The Van Der Veer name in America    

Van der Veur family : Site is dedicated to the van der Veur family. cal nature.    

Van der Wal: Dutch (Groninger) Family Van der Wal : This family Van der Wal lived (lives) mostly in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands.    

Van Deusen :     

Van Deusen Family & More : Descendants of Abraham Pieterszen B:10/3/2020, D:Abt. 1671, M:Tryntje Melchoirs b:Abt.1611, d:12/18/1678.    

Van Deventer : - for descendants of Jan Pietersz van Deventer from whom all of the Van Deventers (including variant spellings)in the United States are descended.    

Van Dyke Genealogy : Heritage, genealogy, stories, and photos.    

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