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Van Zeggeren Familytree Website : Familytree of the van Zeggeren family living in Holland. Descendents of Jan Van Seggre b:1701 in Schönemor Delmenhorst (Germany). Probably linked to "Von Seggern".    

Wack : - about the German and French genealogy from the Lorraine, Saarland, and Rhine-Pfalz regions of France and Germany.    

Yabsley / Yeabsley : - family history from Devon, UK to the US, Canada, and Australia.    

Yang : - for all with surname Yang, Yeo, Young, or other tonal derivatives.    

Yarbrough, Tilley, Pierce, Eichhorn : and related surnames. We will send genealogy informaton upon request. Willing to share and exchange.     

Yarnall/Yarnell Home Page : Data and information for genealogy seekers of the name Yarnall Yarnall.    

Yarolimek Family Tree : Ascendants & descendants of Matej & Mary (Dragoun) Jarolimek/Yarolimek.    

Yassenoff : - ancestoral outlines and information.    

Yates Family : Descendants of Thomas Yates.    

Yax Genealogy : Descendants of Michel Johannes Jacks b:Germany in 1709 d:July 8, 2020 in Detroit Mi.    

Yeager's : Genealogy Home Page    

Yeakey Heritage : Surnames include: Yeakey, Stevens, Moran, Austin, Hollenbeck, Davis, Stone, Collins, Scott, Bates.    

Yeary : - Yeary, Yerry, Yarry, Urie, etc.; other surnames of interest: Pillion, Dyer, Disney, and Massingill.    

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