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Bert s English Genealogy : family history and useful links    

Black Country Pages : Genealogy, history and geography of the Black Country towns situated in the English Midlands to the North and West of Birmingham. Links to local sites, genealogy brick-walls pages plus old maps and photographs.    

Cyndi s List - England :     

EnglandGenWeb : Comprehensive research of England and her counties - part of the WorldGenWeb Project    

Essential Easington : Information on Easington, County Durham and the surrounding area, including Parish Registers and Records, plus links to other sites of use.    

Internet Branch of the Norfolk Family History Society : - dedicated to promoting Norfolk, England genealogy on the Internet.    

Peter s Genealogy and East Kent Page : - helpful info for genealogists researching in East Kent, England, together with an overview of the history of smuggling in Kent.     

Web Directory: England Genealogy Links : - to aid in genealogy research on England.    

Cornwall Online : Genealogy and family history.    

CornwallGenWeb : All facets of Cornish genealogical and historical research; a WorldGenWeb site    

Illogan (Cornwall) Parish Research : Data and records available for research of Illogan, Cornwall    

John Lerwills' Devon History Selection : Devon County and Lerwill Family History    

Forest of Dean Genealogy : Information and very useful links to other genealogy sites for the area.    

Gloucestershire Genealogy : From David Steel, a local man who has a large amount of material, particularly for the town of Coleford in the parish of Newland.    

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