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Swiss genealogy on the internet :     

GENUKI: The UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service : virtual reference library of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland    

Austrian Genealogy : Part of the WorldGenWeb project    

Capucina s Italian Genealogy Web Page : A list of links to Italian-related genealogy.    

Genealogia Caffè : A club for Italian genealogists, a list of genealogists in Italy, a manual and articles (in Italian). Italian Surnames : Links to other web sites, which are each devoted to a particular Italian surname.    

Italia Mia, Genealogy : Selected Italian Genealogical links. Name search.    

Italian Boys : This site s genealogy section contains a list of links to Italian genealogy resources.    

Italian Genealogy at D : Resource for Italian genealogical research provides articles, research services, passenger lists and information on archives in Italy.    

Italian Genealogy? Start Here! : Established in 1998, D' hosts a variety of unique information on genealogy, Italy and family surnames. s Genealogy forum : A list of Italian genealogy related links. Check out the forum, person locator.    

Passenger Lists and Italian Genealogy : Italian passenger lists and genealogy of Italian, German and French. All lists to southern parts of North America. Also, romance novels and prose of new authors. Music and childhood memories in short stories.    

Research Italian Ancestry : Addresses useful for Italian genealogy. Italian genealogy : A list of links for genealogy researchers.    

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