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Obituary Registry : A searchable, national database of current and archived death notices and obituaries. Thousands of current records added daily.    

OKbits : Oklahoma obituaries past and recent.    

On-line obituaries, memorial, and guest-book remembrances. : Obituaries on-line permanently with pictures and Internet-based guest book allows mourners anywhere to have a presence at wakes, funerals, and memorials.    

Publishers Genealogical Coding Service : PGCS - 15-character code published within every obit (news item or death listing), permits easy identification of name and location of paper from which obit was "clipped" and its publication date. Newspapers must pay a licensing fee.    

The Boston Public Library Obituary Database : A database of obituaries from the Boston Public Library    

Wulkan s Online Obituaries : An archive of contributed obituaries and memorials.    

Campbell and Templeton Genealogy : Family history of Scottish Campbell and Templeton ancestors.    

Coppin family home page and genealogy : A family web site dedicated mainly to genealogy.    

Canadian Obituary Links Page : Links to Canadian obituary sources (and other vitals), arranged by province.    

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