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BirthRoots : A adoption search and reunion registry. Includes mailing list, message board and related links.    

BirthSearching : A free adoption searchable registry by year of birth. Includes a message board, guest book, mailing list, and chat feature.    

Black Market Adoptee s Registry : Registry for those who have been affected by black market adoptions and those having falsified birth records.    

British Columbia Adoption Reunion Registry : Mail or walk-in registry for people who have been affected by an adoption in the British Columbia area.    

California Mutual Consent Registry : Registry for members of the adoption triad who were born or adopted in California.    

Colorado Mutual Consent Registry : Private registry open to those born or adopted in Colorado.    

Delaware Reunion Registry : A mutual consent reunion registry to reunite adoptees and birthfamilies searching in Delaware.    

FindMe : Free adoption reunion registry reuniting adoptees and birth parents.    

Find-Me : A reunion search registry with confidential email access from any Web browser. Search for free, one-time fee to register. Includes plenty of helpful information on how to succeed in your search.    

Florida Adoption Reunion Registry : Mail-in passive registry.    

ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry : large free reunion registry. Includes information about RegDay.    

Maine Registry : A free registry for adoptees, birth parents and others searching in the state of Maine.    

Nevada Regsitry : Adoption registry featuring listings and links to other useful sites and registries.    

Relinquished Registry : International adoption registry. Relinquished accepts ALL applicants.    

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