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Adoption Search : Searching for a family member lost through adoption.    

Adoption Search Assistance : Offering search help and information for all members of the adoption triad.    

Adoption Search Sites : Listing of links to search related sites.    

Adoptionopoly : A satire, modeled loosely on the board game Monopoly, that highlights the frustrations experienced by adult adoptees who are trying to search for their origins.    

Are You My Birth Mother Or Father? : Are you my birth mother or father. My name is Baby Boy Ernest (or Earnest) and I was put up for adoption in Oklahoma City on August 12, 2020.    

Asearchers Haven : Adoption search reunion support    

Birthmom of Gretchen : An Arkansas birthmom s story and links for other seekers.    

Bookitty62 s Place To Play : Fun links at the top of the page, and adoption, sear, and genealogy links at the bottom of the page. Also a small guest registry.    

Children of Hope : Information for searching adoptees and birth families whose adoptions were handled by Florida attorney Helen Tanos-Hope.    

D. s Adoption Search/Reunion Help : Features information about the search and reunion process, poetry and prose, author s personal story, and links.    

David s Journey : Details of the search and reunion with an adopted daughter.    

Dedicated to My Birthmother : Individual searching for her birthmother. Includes details of the adoption and related links.    

Eleanor Gerry, Where Are You : Details of a son s search for his birthmother.    

Erika Young : Details of a woman s search for her birth family.    

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