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Who are your ancestors GenSource I Found It - the Genealogy web directory exclusively for genealogists


Interactive Genealogy Searches : Free one-stop source for finding genealogy sites, family surname searches, books, comprehensive and specialized sites    

Jan s Genealogy on web : Genealogy database of over 21,000 names.    

Northern New Mexico Families : Genealogical database of over 9500 individuals. Primary surnames are López, Argüello, Velarde, García, de Herrera and Candelaria, but many collateral surnames are included.    

Obituary Daily Times : Interactive search.    

Ohio River Valley Families Genealogy Database : Searchable genealogy database of over 62,000 people most of whom settled the Ohio River Valley region of the United States.    

Online Genealogy Databases : Search for obits, ship lists, military rosters, social security records, lawsuits, all online and free.    

Peter Kurt s Database : Includes over 25,000 individuals and focuses on The Netherlands.    

PGS-Texas Searchable Surname Databases : Online search of surnames being researched by PGST members and of surnames that have appeared in their publications.    

RootsWeb Searchable Databases : Roster of more than one million Web pages of content and hundreds of millions of names on RootsWeb.    

Royal Genealogical Data : Genealogy database of the British Royal family which includes 30,000 individuals from the earliest times to the present.    

Social Security Death Index Interactive Search : RootsWeb searchable database of the US Social Security death benefits index.    

The Computerized Ancestor : A database furnished by Yates Publishing consisting of over 840,000 family group sheets submitted over the years to the Family Group Sheet Exchange.    

The Mighty Oak : Surname database listing over 99,000 individuals.    

The Senderling Database : Includes the names Empie, Kling, Bellinger, France, Ottman, Lehman, Senderling, Borst, Patten, Keyser, Eisele, Frantz, Kilts, Kniskern, Konkle, Macht, Maxson, Schaffer, Seeber, Skeirik, and Sommer.    

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