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Tony Wilson's Family History Services : Australian Family History:Home of the BeginnersProgram    

Census Searches : Promotes the services offered by a well-known genealogist, Lady Teviot, including family history and probate searches.    

Family History tracing : Provides information about how to trace your family history. Experienced genealogist will undertake any work relating to genealogy.    

FamilyLine : UK family history researchers.      

First Genealogy : A service to look up ancestors from England and Wales - and to obtain certificates from the Family Records Office, London.    

Generation Link : Professional and friendly company which helps to trace ancestors in the United Kingdom.    

Gentrace the genealogy page : Gentrace Family History Research Facility in the UK with over 20 years experience in genealogical research    

KBA Research : Utilises experienced family and local history researchers.    

UK Family History Research : Comprehensive genealogy service. Tracing family history throughout UK.    

Yorkshire and Tasmania Genealogy and West Riding 1851 Census : west riding 1851 census, sheffield, yorkshire burial registers. sheffield orignal families. where to locate wills in england.    

BiblioFox UK Genealogy Research Service : BiblioFox Research Service can trace your British ancestors. Professional researchers will chart your family history using all available documents.    

England and Wales : Professional genealogical research in the English and Welsh record resources of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.    

Family History and Genealogy Research by Jim and Linda Helman : Expert and reliable help to trace your North Yorkshire ancestry    

Herefordshire Family History Research : A professional service for eveyone with ancestors or relatives from Herefordshire, England    

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