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Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web : This site indexes over 3.5 million names found on the World Wide Web    

Genealogy software and research indexes : features The Master Genealogist computer software and indexes of western Canadian material    

Genealogy Software Springboard : Lists Pro's & Con's of various genealogy programs, links to developers site, features, pricing, system req, support & more.     

Genealogy Webdesign : Genealogy of the Edeler-family living in Groningen (Netherlands)    

Genealogy: Ultimate Family Tree : The Ultimate Family Tree Web Site is an extension of the easiest and fastest genealogy software for completing your family history from Palladium Interactive.    

Generations : by Heritage Quest    

Genius for Windows :     

Gensol - A Genealogy Solution. : A Genealogy system designed to handle multiple large families, either inter-linked or stand-alone.    

Gerhard Bauch Software Entwicklung : DYNAS-TREE, die Datenbank für Ihre private Familienforschung : Genealogieprogramm für WIN95/98 und WINNT    

Gold Bug : software for genealogical research,reproductions of early maps    

Grenham's Irish Recordfinder : Expert software for Irish genealogy, comprising a complete intelligent library of all the reference source. Site includes a downloadable demo.     

Legacy Family Tree :     

Legacy's Family History Genealogy Site : A Comprehensive Genealogy Software for Windows by Millennia Corp    

MyStory - The Complete Autobiography Writing System! : This tool will assist a writer in writing their own or someone else's autobiography. This package is a windows-based system and is very affordable and extremely easy to use.    

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