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Who are your ancestors GenSource I Found It - the Genealogy web directory exclusively for genealogists

Alphabet Soup: Understanding the Genealogical Community : Yahoo! Seniors' Guide - Family Tree Maker by Broderbund    

Colonial Occupation Titles : By Kraig Ruckel    

Genealogy - Cousins: How far removed? : Figure out if your cousin is a second or third cousin, and how far removed.    

Genealogy Quest: Glossaries of Terms : A series of monographs to assist researchers in interpreting unfamiliar words and phrases encountered during their genealogical research.    

Glossary of Genealogical Terms and Abbreviations : from    

Legal Terms in Land Records :     

Numbering Systems In Genealogy - Richard Pence :     

Surveying Units and Terms :     

The Olive Tree Genealogy : Glossary of Diseases    

The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage : Obsolete Occupations    

What Is a First Cousin, Twice Removed? :     

Australian Family History Compendium - Glossary :     

Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades : for instance if someone was a Legerdemainist, what exactly did they do for a living? This list will tell you    

Archaic Scottish terms, a glossary : Scotland - a glossary of archaic words and phrases useful for genealogical research, including terms linked to property and possessions    

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Value Priced Family Archive Bundles from

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