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Who are your ancestors GenSource I Found It - the Genealogy web directory exclusively for genealogists
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Ancestral Findings Free Genealogy Lookups : This site will provide one freesearch per day of a wide range of genealogy historical records, including birth and marriage, census, land, military i    

Books We Own : list of resources owned/accessed by ROOTS-L mailing list members and others who are willing to look up genealogical information    

Genealogy Help Network : volunteer lookups, mailing list, reference books,post your surnames message board, gen sites on the www    

Genealogy Helplist : Index of volunteers who are willing to look up specific items at institutions near them, or supply other information easily accessible to them.    

Lookups : from privately owned publications    

Online Genealogy Library, Diana Hanson : List of resources owned by indiviuduals willing to do lookups    

Personally Owned Genealogy Resources :     

Lookup United Kingdom : Find lost friends and family online in the UK. With genealogical search facility.    

England Look-up Exchange : provides a county-by-county list of English resources made available by volunteers for free look-ups.     

Gerhild's Genealogy Digs : Names, photos, look-ups for the Waldeck area of Hessen Germany. Also alpha list of Westphalia names in my lines.    

DAR Patriot Index Lookups :     

Genealogical Research Look-Up, Clarion County, PA : Volunteers. To request a lookup from any of the references...     

Genealogy Helplist Tennessee : List of resources and individuals willing to lookup information for you    


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