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Searching your family tree : By Richard A. Pence    

Shirley Hornbeck's This and That Genealogy Tips : Genealogy Tips on many subjects    

The Internet & Webbing Your Family History : Basic Internet instructions, how-to and where-to search the web for genealogical information, includes links.    

The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage : Advice to newcomers    

Tools & Technique of Genealogical Research : by Joseph C. Wolf    

Treasure Maps : the How-to Genealogy Site    

Using the Soundex System : from    

How-To gudie from : Australian Family History Compendium     

Edgar Gregory s Web Pages : Lists the ancestors of Edgar and Maureen Gregory, with brief biographical details and an outline of other interests.    

Emery Paper (Version 4) : A concise guide to researching British ancestry both locally and at a distance. Everything the family historian wants to know about the IGI, using parish registers, the Civil Registration system, the 19th century Census returns and dozens of other a    

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