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GAITHER : Extensive posting of the name GAITHER. An attempt is made to locate as many people as possible who have GAITHER family information or who are seeking family information. There is no charge involved    

Garrett Folklore and Fact : Provides information about the surname quarterly, a current article about genealogy/Garretts and an index of contents of back issues.    

Garst Genealogy Files and Family Research Center : Family Genealogy Files, Pictures, and Instructions on how to Create Your Lineage Files. Garst Reunion info    

Gebauer : For those people searching on the surname Gebauer. A place to locate others and leave messages    

Gibbs, Prutsman, Rodeffer, Coltrin : This is a family tree of gibbs, rodeffer, Prutzman, and Coltrin to name the top few. There are pictures in this site i hope someone can help me with    

Gilligans in New England : A one-name study of the surname Gilligan in the New England states. Includes soundex and census info    

Gingell Genealogy Website : A website dedicated to anything and everything Gingell    

GIROUX family tree - Database as of April 4. 1999 : This database of 6,391 Giroux descendants features the family tree of Toussaint Giroux, born 1636 in Reveillon, Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, France    

Gorsha Family Homepage : Gorsha surname nexus; 1920 Census data for Gilbert, St. Louis County, MN, Minnesota    

Grainger's Virtual Irish (home) Page - of Graingers. : Global Graingers ! Are you a Grainger ? Meet other Graingers on the net.    

GRIBBLE One Name Study : Aims to bring together all genealogists interested in the GRIBBLE (and phonetic variants) surname and descendents    

Griep, Grijp, Grip, worldwide : A platform for everybody who is interested in the origin of the names Griep, Grijp and Grip.    

Grunfeld Family : Generations of Hungarian Grunfelds and Greenfields    

GOAD Genealogy Site : including variations of the surname such as Goade, Goard,    


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