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Katschke : Searching for Any Katschke anyplace anytime    

KEENAN Surname Researchers Forum : A place for those around the globe researching the KEENAN surname to exchange information. Over 75 members from IRL, ENG, SCT,AUS, NZ, and many states    

Kelly Kanadian Kin : A newbies web site devoted to trying to sort out Kelly/Kelley immigrants to Upper and Lower Canada in 1700 and 1800's.    

Kemp Family Association : For those researching Kemp / Kempe / Camp anytime, anywhere    

Kidd Konnections : Researching of all Kidd lines.    

Kilpatrick : Website of the Great CyberClan Kilpatrick    

Kimball Genealogy Online : For all variations of the surname Kimball, including Kimble, Kemble, Kimbell, Kimbrell, Kimbriel, and others.    

Kirkpatrick Genealogy and History : Kirkpatrick genealogy and history center. Genealogical research archive for Kirkpatrick and variations of Kilpatrick, Killpatrick, and Gilpatrick.    

Klöpfer, Kloepfer and Kleopfer : Genealogy devoted to the Klöpfer, Kloepfer and Kleopfer surnames    

KUHNELL surname page : A page to further research of the KUHNELL family    


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