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Salisbury Genealogy Site : The Salisbury Genealogy site has the largest UK collection of family data which includes the whole 1881 Census entries and other records     

Schmakeit - World Family Database. Geneaology / Ahnenforschung. : Database of all Schmakeit-familymembers in the world.    

Scissons Surname Resource Center : Information on the Scissons Surname, and other resources on the web.    

Seago Family History Group - UK : One-name family history group for the surname SEAGO and its variants, mainly UK / Genealogy - For anyone with Sedgwick Ancestors : SEDGWICK Genealogy website for all Sedgwicks by a descendant of Robert Sedgwick (1613 - 1656)    

Seeber genealogy : Research of Seeber and all other spellings of this name    

Self Family Addendum : Research into the possible meanings of the family surname of Self    

Self Family Newsletter : Dedicated to historical research, documenting, preserving, and sharing the genealogy and history of the Self, Selfe and Selph families.    

Sexton genealogy research page :     

Shears Family History : Worldwide Shears     

Shellhammer Family Genealogy : Genealogy for the surname Shellhammer, Schellhammer, Schoellhammer (and all spelling variations)    

Shippee, Shippey, Shippy Genealogy : Genealogy of Shippee, Shippey, Shippy, etc. surnamed families    

Siegrist : Surname site for all spelling variations. Variety of topics and opportunity to particiapte.    

Skinner Family Association Home Page : Skinner Family data, including searchable data bases.    

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