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Australia Family Notice Board : Notice by adult individuals involved in adoption, institutionalization, foster care or separated families situations who are attempting to locate siblings, parents or children.    

Baby Theft Investigation : Focuses on the case and investigation of the theft of newborn twins from a hospital in the late 1960s.    

Birth Relative Search : General information about how to start a search.    

BirthQuest : An online searchable database dedicated to searching adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings.    

Bits & Pieces : Mutual consent reunion registry for birthparents and adoptees in SC, NC, VA, GA, MD, and DC. Home of the Mending Wall.    

Brick Wall Survivors : Support for adoptees having trouble in their search process.    

California Adoption Research : California and nationwide adoption search for people separated by adoption.    

California Post Adoption Search : Offers several types of search-related services.    

Consent to Contact : Contains information on the Consent to Contact form for adoptees and birthparents. Includes links to search pages and state laws.    

Heartland Adoption Connection : Features a registry, search tips, reunion stories, and related links.    

International Soundex Reunion Registry : A non-profit agency which serves and promotes the reunion of next-of-kin or family that have been separated at birth, by adoption, institutional care, abandonment, divorce or foster care.    

Ivy s Birth Parent and Adoptee Search : Search by birth date or birth state. Includes message board and success stories.    

K&K S Adoption site : An adoption registry and searchable database for adoptees and birthfamilies searching in Cornwall, Ontario and the counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.    

Kenchan s Search and Reunion Links : Dozens of links for adoptees searching.    

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