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Luanne s Adoption Search : Professional search services for adoptees and birthparents.    

Michigan Closed Adoption Network : Includes a reunion registry, search resources and adoption search support and refuge for those affected by closed adoptions.    

Oregon Adoption Registry : A searchable registry for Oregon adoptees and birthfamilies.    

Organization for Adoptees - Search and Individual Support : New Jersey-based search and support group for adoptees only.    

Orphan Voyage Memorials : Dedicated to adoptees and birthparents who died before being reunited. Includes stories and memorials.    

OurReunion Greeting Cards : Greeting cards designed for reunited adoptees and birthparents, plus a message board and search links.    

Peacock Babies of Quebec : Resource for and about all of the Peacock Babies, searching for their roots.    

Pennyslvania Adoption Search and Education : Contains general information about searching and related issues.    

Reunion Greetings : Specializes in information and greeting cards for adopted children and their parents.    

Search Net : The 0nline Resource For Adoptees And Birth Parents.     

Search Triad, Inc. : Helping to reunite people separated by adoption, foster care or divorce.    

Searchline : A UK-based search agency specializing in reuniting adoptees and their birth parents.    

Shea s Search Series : Self-Empowered Adoptee Search from Adoptee s Right to Know guides you from making the decision to search, and choices in searching through petitioning the court.    

South Carolina Locator : Offers a confidential intermediary approach to reunions in South Carolina.    

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