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GenSource Archives Search Instructions and Guide  

I Found It! Archives is an index of genealogy sites containing historical records that are available to the public without charge. Your search criteria is compared to the contents of these sites.

If you are having trouble finding matches:

1) Each site has it's own format for entering names so try john and smith instead of john smith

2) Abbreviations are NOT used in the title of each site, so try Pennsylvania instead of PA

3) Not all census information is available on the Internet, only those that have been transcribed.

4) This index contains some 500 pages of census records and indexes and some 200 pages of passenger lists. This is only a portion of sites available on the Internet. At this time not all states and countries are represented.

CriteriaDetails of the selection process
Smithcontains SMITH or smith or Smith (not cap sensitive)
John Smithcontains the phrase 'John Smith'
John and Smithcontains both names John and Smith
john, smithcontains either John or Smith
john and (smith or smyth)contains John and either SMITH or smyth
smith*smith, smiths, smithwerth, or any word starting with smith
Sm?thcontains Smith or Smyth or Sm(any character)th
1820 and Pennsylvania and Censuscontains 1820 and Pennsylvania and Census

Select the Categories to be searched.
Census data, tax lists, etc. Passenger Lists, Ships, etc.
All Categories
Enter a comma between words or phrases!
OR is assumed when multiple items are used.
Suggestion: do not use abbreviations for states.

Highlighted Sites

Leith Huttons's Genealogy Homepage

Australasia and New Zealand Resources, Personal family historty including surnames Hutton, McGillivaray, Julian, How, Cornish and Signall

Highlighted sites have provided reciprocal links to - Thank you!

Sponsored Links's Trip to your Homeland Contest

Irish Records Extraction Database

View Original Census Records at!

Create your own Online Family Tree at

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