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Search Instructions
CriteriaDetails of the selection process
Smithcontains SMITH or smith or Smith (not cap sensitive)
John Smithcontains the phrase 'John Smith'
John and Smithcontains both names John and Smith
john, smithcontains either John or Smith
Smith, A and OHIOERROR, you can not mix the comma with AND, OR statements
Smith\, A and OHIOcontains the phase Smith, A and the word Ohio
If searching for a comma you must proceed it with a blakslash, "\"
john and (smith or smyth)contains John and either SMITH or smyth
smith*smith, smiths, smithwerth, or any word starting with smith
Sm?thcontains Smith or Smyth or Sm(any character)th

john\ contains

Note there are some special characters that require a backslash character (\) preceding the special character.
  • comma (,)

  • at sign (@)

These symbloms are not allow and will be filter out if entered:
  • left and right parentheses ()

  • Doulble quotation mark (")

  • backslash (\)

  • at sign (@)

  • left and right curly brace ({,})

  • less than sign (<)

  • backquote (`)
  • equal sign (=)
  • forward slash (/)


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