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An Era Lost...Legion Ville...Birthplace of the United States Army : We have 9 lists with thousands of names of those who served under General Anthony Wayne (1792-1796)Legion    

Military & Pension Records for Union Civil War Veterans :     

Pennsylvania Genealogy - Etc : - List of Pennsylvania Pensioners, 1789 from the PA Archives, also War of 1812 Company officers.    

Polston Civil War Records : Abstracts of pension records of soldiers with surname of Polston serving in the Civil War    

Search the Pennsylvania Rosters : searchable database    

American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database : Civil War Research Database; a database of American Civil War Union and Confederate soldiers organized by regiments and companies. The Civil War database is for military tactics, reenactment or genealogy research.    

US GenWeb Archives Pensions Project :     

112th New York Volunteers Roster : - including field and staff personnel and enlisted men.    

134th New York Muster Roll : - regimental field officers and enlisted men.    

144th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment Roster : - officers and men master index.    

29th New York Volunteer Infantry : - alphabetical listing of soldiers.    

39th New York State Volunteers Annotated 1861 Muster Roll : - The Garibaldi Guards.    

79th Highlander New York Volunteers : - including commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers.    

16th Ohio Civil War Volunteer Infantry Roster : - field and staff personnel and enlisted men.    

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