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Ancestry Connections : This is a site to help genealogy researchers find others who are researching the same names, places, etc. It also has a site review section.    

Common Threads : public bulletin board for surname inquires - post your ancestory or find a distant cousin    

Notorious Ancestors : Share your family's legend -- chronicle the exploits of your famous or not-so-famous ancestors.    

Vocal @ Local - Discussion Forum : covering all Irish topics including genealogy     

A Journey Past : A genealogical surname exchange and research site with an Irish theme.     

Ireland Births Deaths & Marriages Exchange :     

Ireland, County Kerry Genealogy message board :     

In Search of Lost Ancestors in Ontario Message Board : Message board for researchers to post queries on families from Ontario, Canada.    

The Island Register : Guestbook and Queries     

Italians in the World : New message board (via e-mail submittal) for finding links to other Italians.    

Italy Genealogy Forum : Message board for Italian genealogy researchers. Sponsored by    

Carolina Roots : Anson Co., NC & Chesterfield Co., SC Families    

Texas Genealogy Queries : Post queries for all the Texas-related surnames you are researching    


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