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French and Acadian Surnames : List of French and Acadian surnames with history. Including the names Babineaux, Dufour, Fontenot and Saunier.    

My family your family : a source for New Jersey genealogy home page links and other genealogy sites.    

OMII (Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois ) genealogy project : Swiss Mennonite & Pennsylvania Dutch genealogy for the OMII genealogy     

Emigration from Iceland to North America : The main purpose of this site is to help people of Icelandic origin to search for their roots in Iceland, their ancestors and living relatives.     

From Sør-Trøndelag (Norway) to America : Ancestors who have emigrated from Sør-Trøndelag to America, a database of many Norwegian families.     

Genealogy / Slekt in Troms, Norway : Useful resources for researchers of Troms, Norway    

Railway Ancestors : Helps tracing ancestors who were railway workers.    

History of Guernsey Butchers : Was you ancestor a butcher in Guernsey ? This site contains details on numerous families who were butchers in Guernsey in the 19th century.    

Oxfordshire Surname Interest List : - list of surnames being researched in Oxfordshire, England.    

scottish names research : scottish names research clans history septs research links genealogy    

genealogy of designated ue loyalist families :     

Petite Canada Project : Dedicated to an early French-Canadian settlement located 2 1/2 miles NorthWest.     

Prince Edward Island Surname List : A site where people researching their family tree in P.E.I., Canada enter the names they are researching in hopes of finding contacts.    

Luxembourg On My Mind : luxembourg emigrants genealogy research assistance    

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