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4Obituaries : A guide to obituaries from - Search newspaper obituary listings, read noteworthy epitaphs or add an entry to one of the many online memorial services.    

An Obituary Links Page : Thousands of links to online obituaries, marriage, birth, and death records, mortality schedules, cemetery inscriptions, etc., arranged by state, county, or Canadian province.    

Arrangements : Obituaries are posted for 30 days by participating funeral homes. After 30 days obituaries are archived.    

Cemetery Junction: Obituaries Directory : Links to regional newspapers and a variety of other online resources.    

Cyndi s List - Obituaries : Category Index: General Resource Sites and Locality or Topic Specific.    

Family Surname Obituary Archives : Links to surname-specific obituary archives across the web.    

Free Obituaries On-Line : Links to obits, death & funeral notices, mostly from newspapers & provided free of charge, sorted by location.    

Internet Obituary Network : An archive of contributed obituaries and memorials. ObitFinder : Search engine enabling users to locate recent online obituaries in more than 1,000 U.S. newspapers. Users may search by name, city, school, or club affiliation and more.    

Memorial Web Park : Comprehensive web-based Memorial Services plus additional genealogy and informational services and support.    

ObitDetails : A searchable database of contributed obituaries.    

Obituaries : Place your ancestors obits on this site.    

Obituary Central : A massive research portal with search engines of obituary archives. Other sections include CemSEARCH and ShipSEARCH for other genealogical research.    

Obituary Daily Times : Mailing list index of published obituaries across the world. Intended mostly for family historians, researchers and compilers.    

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