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A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry : An online version of James Parker s 1894 publication on British heraldry. Comprehensive list of heraldic terminology. Includes many plates from the book.    

Coat of Arms Family Crests Last Name Histories : Coat of Arms / Family Crests / Last Name Histories    

Davis Heraldry : Coats of Arms associated with the surname Davis    

Heraldic America : Site devoted to North American heraldry. Features articles on heraldry, a bibliography and a forum. In English and French.    

Heraldica : A site devoted to heraldry (the study of coats of arms) in all forms and in all places.    

Heraldry Links : Selected list of heraldry resources available online.    

Heraldry of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel : Find out where the origins of medieval heraldry began, and where birthstones come from.    

Heraldry on the Internet : Heraldic research on the Internet. Related topics: heraldic research, charges, dictionary of heraldry, coats of arms, surnames, genealogy, clip art.    

International Civic Arms : A large collection of civic arms, including descriptions and pictures. Main page is in Dutch but an English translation is available.    

Jerry's Heraldry : collection of names along with their coat of arms,loads of information    

Modar s Heraldry Page : Articles, information and resources on heraldry as utilized by the Society for Creative Anachronsim.    

Pimbley s Heraldic Dictionary : An English dictionary of heraldic terms.    

Sebastian Nelson Heraldry : Includes information on Spanish heraldry and nobility.    

Swedish Heraldry : A rich collection of Swedish state arms, arms of Swedish municipalities, and heraldry. Presented by Elias Granqvist in both English and Swedish.    

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