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A New England Yankee's Genealogy Page : Includes many families in and around Billerica and Newbury, Mass. Also, my wife's families around Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Couny, Illinois    

Abeni's Gen Page : African-American and Jamaican Genealogy    

Ancestors Anonymous: Loretta's Genealogy Homepage : Genealogy homepage with links to resources, Irish genealogy, Philadelphia Pennsylvania genealogy, surname databases, ancestral photographs, baptismals records, cemeteries and headstone inscriptions.    

Celeste's Home Page : Researching my canadian and acadian ancestory and beginning to research my husbands Italian ancestory. These pages are the results of my research.    

Joanne's Family Ties : Surnames, Genealogy    

They Live Again : A Personal Site featuring early American settlers from the 1600, 1700 and 1800's    

Debbie's Genealogy Page : This page was created to share my family tree information, and to share information on genealogy research etc.    

ancestralforest : A genealogy site filled with my Canadian ancestors with roots trailing back to England, Ireland, France and USA.     

Welcome to Genealogical Pot-pourri : Wirksworth, ENG, Benbecula, SCT, Cork & Kerry, IRL to Guelph; & Monterosso & Montauro, Calabria, to Boston    

Hoosier Genes : Contains my Genealogy data plus links to sites in Indiana, North Carolina, & Pennsylvania; Quaker sites & other related sites.    

Bath County Kentucky Families : Genealogy of Fielder, Williamson, McClain, Staton, McCarty,Warner    

27,000 Individuals Western NC and East TN : NAVEY and PATE Connecting Families BUNCOMBE BURKE YANCEY MITCHELL NC CARTER UNICOI TN    

Branching Out - Stary and Related Families Genealogy Web Site : Contains surnames database, Family Treasures, Ohio cemeteries and more.    

Murphy s Public House : - dedicated to the Irish and German families of Ohio.    

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