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Afrigeneas : - focused on genealogical research and resources for those interested in African ancestry. Includes slave data, census records, surnames, newsletter, and more.    

COUNTRYMAN-L Mailing List's Home Page : Home Page for the COUNTRYMAN-L Mailing List with brief introductions to the subscribers.    

Elijah-L Home Page : Elijah-L is a mailing list for genealogy as it relates to the LDS (Mormon) Church    

Erskine-L Homepage : Homepage of the unofficial Clan Erskine mailing list    

Genealogy Exchange & Surname Registry: Mailing List : - with regional and general genealogical lists.    

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Mailing Lists :     

Gen-Newbie mailing list : supports the honest and open newbie questions in a flame-free, tolerant atmosphere.    

Horton Family Discussion Mail List : - for anyone with an interest in Horton Family Genealogy and related families and a means to post queries, share information and ideas.    

Poland Border Surname Helper : Genealogy webpages for those researching surnames from various countries    

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists: Genealogy : - index to genealogical mailing lists.    

Roots Resources Page : - genealogy mailing list which maintains a database of surnames which may be interactively searched.    

Roots Web : - Mailing lists for genealogical interests, general genealogy, Surnames, Regional, and Ethnic groups.    

SACKETT-L Mailing List's Home Page : Home Page for those searching the SACKETT surname with brief introductions of the subscribers.    

Scuderi Mailing List : - exist to link members of the family from all around the world.    

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