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Alabaster One Name Study : Alabaster family history - how to join the Alabaster Society.    

ALFORD : American Family Association    

Blair Society for Genealogical Research : To collect, preserve and disseminate genealogical and historical information concerning the Blair Family name.    

Clan Crowley Society :     

Clan Hamilton Society Home Page : Genealogy Exchange , Clan Activities , Scottish Activities    

Courtemanche : The Courtemanche Family Association web page    

Dodge Family Association Home Page : Lineage and history on Dodges from 1302, related surnames, publications, family reunions, and continuing research.    

DuVal Family Association : To being together the descendents of the Huguenot Daniel DuVal    

Featherstone-Home : Home page of The Featherstone Society, for Fe(a)therston((e)haugh) researchers world wide    

Ficklin or Fickling : Families of Ficklin, Fickling and all other variant spellings are invited to submit their Genealogical Data for public research here. Free of Charge!    

Gwent Family History Society : Key to your roots in historic Monmouthshire (S.E.Wales). Describes the Society, its branches, publications, sales, services, latest news & events    

Harlan Family Association : Harlan Family in America is a non-profit association to promote the Harlan family heritage and genealogy.    

Hinshaw Family Association : Internet group researching Hinshaw/Henshaw and similar surnames; email list; online database    

Hoyle Family Association : Free resources for Hoyle research worldwide (and all variants)    

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