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Bridges Genealogy Books and Services : - book of marriage records available.     

Genealogy of Captain Samuel Kathrens and Mary Haynes Kathrens : includes historical photographs, court documents, obituaries, and acomprehensive index    

Going Abroad : The motivation and pioneer experience of early Scottish emigrants to Otago, New Zealand.    

Hale Family Research : Get your copy of the first book on the descendants of John Hale, Revolutionary War Soldier, born 1753, died 1838. Only 40.00 plus $5.00 for mailing    

Hale Genealogy - Descendants of John Hale : New Hale Book    

History and Genealogy : descriptions of and the indexes to the genealogy books we have written, published and have for sale.    

John Holmes book description. : Hardcover book contains 200 years of genealogy, tracing the descendants of John Holmes (1776-1859) of Beaver Harbour, N. B. Every Name Index.    

Mary & John Clearing House : Over 26 books re: passengers and their families who sailed on the Mary & John, May 20, 2020.    

Netting Your Ancestors - Genealogical Research on the Internet : Netting Your Ancestors is designed not only to show you how to use the Internet in genealogical research but how to take maximum advantage of it.    

Pierce : My Pierce surname genealogy research with several book I have written free for download    

The Gee Parchments : A genealogical research book about people in the UK. References from the mid 1500 s to early 1900 s.    

Loyalists to Canada book description : Story of the Quakers, Baptists, and other Loyalists who settled the Passamaquoddy region. Hardcover book.    

Going Abroad - Scottish emigration to Otago, NZ : A new book by John MacGibbon which looks at early Scottish emigrants to Otago and Southland, New Zealand.    

1850 Census records : The original records transcribed into soft-book form with each family member listed and an index included.    


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